What does a real estate developer do?

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Real estate business can seem confusing, or even like something open only to a privileged few: we’ve all seen people in charge of building structures, but how did they get to that point?

In many ways, a real estate developer is the overseer’s overseer when it comes to construction: he or she will carry the biggest risks while potentially gaining the biggest profit.

What makes a real estate developer

You probably know that no construction project can be done with just the builders – architects and engineers will also have to work full-time so that the upcoming structure is free of flaws.

Yet there’s someone even higher up the construction chain: the real estate developer. This is the person who treats every aspect of the real estate development as their own project: contracting builders, finding the right architects, getting materials, paying everyone…

Sure, a real estate developer can have plenty of help, but it’s still a fairly lonesome craft – if you mess up, there’s nobody to take the blame but you. Even if your contractors end up making a mistake that’s entirely their fault, you’ll get just as much heat if not even more so – after all, you’re the one who picked them, right?

As you can see, there’s no shortage of stress to be had when working as a real estate developer – the mere prospect of making a bad structure and losing a ton of money on it is too much for most to handle. Yet with a little luck, those who persevere can find themselves rewarded plenty: if the structure gets going, the developer will earn considerably more than anyone else involved in its construction.

Real estate development: is it right for you?

Reading about the job description and the potential for massive earnings might have you thinking of changing professions. After all, don’t you wanna make it known that you command dozens of people to build massive structures from the ground up at the next cocktail party? Hold your horses, though – the job isn’t for everyone.

You don’t need much to become a real estate developer: matter of fact, you don’t really need anything besides capital. A couple of connections to get the right permits can help, but in the end, it’s all about how much you’re willing to spend up-front. Unfortunately, this means that anyone with money can start developing buildings, leading to the abundance of lackluster structures seen in present day.

Even if you have the type of financing needed, you still shouldn’t get into real estate development without a vision – a clear idea of how to make things better. If you have the drive to improve your community through unique and exceptionally-made real estate additions, you’ll get a lot more satisfaction than if you were simply hunting for profits, not to mention that your results will be far better as well. Bottom line: if you’re only concerned with multiplying your capital without really minding the how, there are easier and safer ways to do it than real estate development.