How to find a tree service for your apartment complex

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When it comes to certain apartment complexes, getting the trees in the area serviced can be tough. Why? Well, a scenario can occur in which nobody wants to take responsibility: the fees, the pressure of finding the right company, the possibility of them doing their job poorly… Most people will proclaim that it’s better to wait for the landlord even if he’s never around and the trees are reaching frightening mass.

Maybe your apartment complex has a stronger community: maybe you’ve made the decision to hire a tree service but are still stuck on picking the best contractor. Here are some tips on how to do it.

General guidelines: telling the good from bad

You probably want to head straight to Google and look for your tree service companies, which isn’t a bad idea. However, even a lousy company can have a good website with tons of ‘positive feedback’ on it – it’s easy to be misled when the company is handling the search engines well.

To find the right tree service for your apartment complex, don’t rush things – be prepared to read what could be dozens of reviews as well as scour the web for lesser-known locations that might provide the odd piece of customer feedback.

Of course, even reviews can be limited in their usefulness: a tree service company hitting a string of moody and vocal customers could come off much worse than it really is. Likewise, when reading reviews, pay attention to the nuances – you might not think it, but there’s a big difference between reviews from a happy customer and one who just doesn’t want to say anything bad.

If you can ask for word-of-mouth advice, good, but remember: this won’t bring you as much knowledge as you’d like, since most people only find themselves exposed to a single tree service company over a prolonged period of time. As a result, they have little way of realistically assessing a tree service company’s skill and dedication – coincidentally, these are the things that are of the biggest importance to you.

Assessing the company on your own

Positive reviews or a good vibe might have given you a couple of likely candidates to do your tree trimming. Now, it’s time to check them out on your own by probing the company for every question mark you could have.

Feel free to get in touch with them for these purposes – doing so will also help you get a better feel of what the company is like and how they treat their customers. Ask about whether they are licensed and insured (and, preferably, bonded), then move onto the real specifics: how long have they been in business? How long does it take for them to do their work?

You also want to ask about prices, although this subject could easily have its own post. Basically, try and gather the prices of as many tree services as possible and compare them to one another to see who’s got the best deals. Keep in mind, though, that the same type of service could differ greatly between two companies and that it sometimes pays to pay a little extra.